Support our Mission

We started out like everyone else, searching for the reasons we do what we do. We dug deep, we asked ourselves a lot of questions about passion, purpose and legacy.

We figured out that residential real estate is what we do, and although we serve our clients with the expertise that every client deserves, we needed to serve a higher purpose. Our years of experience show in every  transaction, but we needed a mission that was greater than ourselves.

We now Sell Houses to Save Dogs. The T-Shirts that we sell are another outlet to fulfill that mission and passion that we have to protect them.

Every home we sell, we donate money to one of our very few selective partners; one being Back the Blue K-9 Force. A non-profit that protects the lives of Police K-9's, which is why we have the REDD Law Enforcement Edition T-Shirts in blue lettering.

Kevin Salley - Co-Founder of The Prevail Group is a former Marine and is a patriot through and through. Which is why we created the REDD - Military and Contractor Remember Every Dog Deployed Shirts. These will be red shirts white lettering. (Coming Soon!)

We hope you will join us on our journey - thank you for supporting the organizations we care so deeply about.